List Your Litters / Puppies / Dogs on AIA Breeds

AIA Breeds was nominated the 4th world largest dogs and puppies breeders hub, helping local individual breeders reach the world wide dog lovers, exposure, and increase sales revenue, by listing their litters, puppies, and/or dogs on our high traffic site.

How to sell my puppies on AIA Breeds?

  1. To sell your puppies on AIA Breeds, you MUST be a registered or licensed breeder, from your local authorities and jurisdiction. Authorizing you to breed and sell puppies, while AIA Breeds will help you to handle any online and international transaction for your puppies available for adoption/sale on our breeders hub.

  1. Email you breeder license to ““, after due diligence of your kennel, an AIA Breeds team will get in touch with you via phone or email for further information and kennel confirmation.

  1. Upon above steps are completed successfully, you will be required to officially apply and get approved as an “AIA LICENSED BREEDER”.

  1. You MUST pay a $1,000.00 USD fee, to obtain the “AIA BREEDER LICENSE”. Plus a $7,777.00 USD guarantee fee AGAINST scam. (This guarantee fee is NON-REFUNDABLE should any scam complain is reported against you by an AIA Breeds customer/buyer/adopter).

  1. Yes, all breeders from around the WORLD are welcome and allowed to contact us.

*** If you’re a scam breeder, DO NOT waste your time. Our scam researchers are always excited to execute a new project. Don’t be our victim, else, we will scratch your system. *** From AIA scam research team leader.