AIA Breeds, is an Australian origin kennel and an online breeders hub, dedicated to serve the needs of dog lovers and buyers worldwide – with over 24 years dogging experience, since July 1995.

We the core team of the AIA Breeds are passionate Cavoodle dog breeder, since 1995. Back then the use of internet wasn’t as popular as it is today, then AIA Breeds could only breeds and sell it litters only to Australian based dog-lovers.

Ever since the internet has become popular, and a go-to place for all of our needs, the AIA Breeds decided to take advantage of the new era technology, to integrate our breeding experience with other breeders around the world, mainly the USA, Australia, UK, and Philippines.

Today, AIA LICENSED breeders are allowed to breeds, nurture, and list their healthy vet-checked cute puppies for adoption or sale on the AIA Breeders Hub.

Take a look at AIA available puppies or contact our customer support for any help (inquiry/adoption/registration).


Our mission – is to provide you with an understanding companion that will make you, your family whole again!

I consider myself a dog, that’s why i love puppies

AIA Founder


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