Cavoodle Puppy – 1839xFEMALE


Pet name: Lea
Breed: Cavoodle Puppy
Current Age: 12 Weeks
Sex: FeMale
Registered: Yes


DNA Health Tested + 1 Year Health Guarantee.

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Lea is a cute looking Cavoodle puppy, so loving, caring, playful and most of all she’s so intelligent. It’s only left for her to actually talk. Lea is equally well trained, she has basic signs she often does when she want to pie. She go along so well with children and other pets. Our specialist dog trainers are given our cavoodle puppies for sale the best training they can get.


Lea’s Overview

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Poodle.
Energy – High
Size – Miniature
Trainability – Responsive


All our Cavoodle Puppies leave’s;

√ Vaccinated
√ Wormed
√ Microchipped
√ Vet Health Checked
√ 1YR Health Guaranteed
√ Before and after sales advice
√ DNA Health Cleared for over 30 different Genetic Diseases


PICK UP and Delivery;
You can pick her up yourself, or our team can help arrange for Lea shipped to you safely. We’re the best professional breeder of cavoodle puppies for sale victoria, cavoodle puppies for sale nsw, and cavoodle puppies for sale australia. Offering nothing but the best, easy and fast puppy adoption process to everyone.


Quick Facts and Information

AIA breeds both first and second generation, toy, miniature, and standard Cavoodle puppies. These are very affectionate, gentle and intelligent small sized dog, ideal for families with children and without. AIA Breeds Cavoodle puppies are sure to delight you, your children and your wonderful home for years to come.

Cavoodles are content in a small backyard, require a low amount of exercise (although lots of walks and exercise are still great!). Cavoodles have a low shedding, allergy friendly coat.

Occasionally we also have straight coat Cavoodles, most often miniature and toy. These puppies have all of the health and temperament benefits of being a cross breed, but are a little more likely to shed as they have taken on more of the DNA from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel than the Poodle. Their coats will therefore be more Cavalier looking than Poodle looking.

AIA Breed Cavoodles come in a several colors including white, red, black, chocolate or occasionally parti-colors, and are a small sized adorable dog, approximately 6-9 kg and 30-45cm tall to the shoulder when fully grown.


Common Q/A, by to be Cavoodle parents

Are Cavoodles barkers?
The temperament of cavoodles is generally active, intelligent, and interactive with people and easily trained. They can be relaxed and attentive but are not generally barkers, diggers, aggressive or destructive.

Can Cavoodle be left alone?
Absolutely! Cavoodles are more than capable of staying home alone. Separation anxiety doesn’t affect every dog, and even if your Cavoodle has it, it’s not the end of the world. Training and positive reinforcement will allow you to safely leave the house without your Cavoodle.

Is a Cavoodle a good family dog?
One of the best things about a Cavoodle is their loving personality and sweet disposition. … Cavoodles are the best dog breed for families of small children because of their gentle demeanor. They are very gentle dogs, and because they are small, they don’t tend to hurt children. Generally, they have a very agreeable temperament.


Contact Breeder

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